This film is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of the awesome Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator, the KPI program itself and, of course, the incredible people and results it produces. From partnering with some of the best brands in the world, to connecting incredible people with their values through entrepreneurship, KPI is most definitely part of a revolution; The Entrepreneur Revolution.

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Current journalist Laura Barry investigates the global bride trafficking business, in which women become a commodity for profit and sex. Travelling to Bangkok, she meets the Thai women at the heart of the story, their new Western husbands, and the men profiting from these often unhappy marriages.

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About Laura

Laura Barry taught herself how to make documentary films while bringing the subject of her University thesis to life. Armed with little more than a camera, Laura travelled from Ireland, where she had studied law at university, to Thailand and set about creating a long form documentary film. The Documentary, entitled 'Bride Trafficking Unveiled', investigated the little-known world of Mail Order Bride Trafficking. 'Bride Trafficking Unveiled', commissioned by Current TV, achieved international success and Laura went on to work with Current TV as a Geopolitical Journalist and writer for shows such as 'Danger Zones' and ' Life of Crime'.

This documentary filmmaker, writer, journalist, presenter and human rights advocate wants to connect to the world through the medium of film and produce revolutionary content to intrigue, inform and inspire you.. Contact Laura at laura@manoukmedia.ie.

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